Sword fighting in Chico

My Fencing Center is entering its 15th year  of teaching fencing in the North State, teaching traditional skills of  swordplay and swordsmanship for fun, personal growth and competition

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Coach Margaret Brunelle. Proficient in all three weapons has been fencing and teaching for 15 years.

Coach Doug Coronado has been fencing  Rapier for 30 years after learning Olympic fencing. He has held many  important titles in the SCA such as Guildmaster of Fence, White Scarf, and currently Master of Defense.

Coach Greg Haugen has been teaching at our Center for 2 years specializing in Saber and now Foil

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Yes! There is Sword Fighting in Chico!! My Fencing Center currently teaches Modern Olympic Fencing of Foil and Epee and Rapier.

Fencing Equipment is provided the first month for trail.

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Our Mission


The mission at My Fencing Center is to provide a fun environment to learn a serious weapon. 

We have students that fence recreationally and others compete at Nationally rated tournaments in the Bay Area.  

We have had students that won Regional titles and National wins.

Our biggest goal is to mentor students to be the best human they can be thru fencing.

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